Bryan Manor Direct Care Personnel in Centralia, Illinois

This job was posted by : For more information, please see: ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Keep residents scheduled regimen. Assist residents in their daily functions, i.e., eating, bathing, grooming, dressing, activities, etc. Execute training programs as scheduled and document the results in a timely manner. Maintain accurate, up-to-date documentation on individual's daily routines including, intakes/outputs, baths/showers, shaving, tooth brushing, safety device check, menses, passive range of motion, restorative programs, behaviors, and development. Observe Resident=s Rights at all times. Assist in providing a pleasant atmosphere for the resident. Provide companionship by interacting with the individual in a positive age appropriate manner. Assist individuals with toileting needs as needed, but at least every 2 hours. Integrate physical, occupational, speech, self help and other specified programs into resident=s daily schedule. Maintain a clean and safe homelike environment. Must observe the company safety rules. Follow precautionary measures to prevent the spread of infections. Follow the exposure control plan if an exposure occurs. Properly lift or transfer residents as prescribed in IPP. Ensure all resident=s safety devices are properly in place and removed every two hours for at least ten minutes., i.e., lap trays, lap belts, side rails, helmets, etc. Document the release of safety device.Promote team work by assisting co-workers in the care of residents regardless of staff assignments. Ensure that residents are appropriately attired for the weather and that clothes fit properly. Complete clothing requisitions when clothing is needed for a resident. Complete all tasks assigned to you on the daily assignment sheet or assigned as needed by your supervisor. Assess residents and report any signs and symptoms to the resident=s nurse.Assist residents on doctor or hospital visits. Be responsible for paperwork or charts.Assist residents on planned outings and during activities. Implement activity scheduled. Obtain resident=s weight and other prescribed vitals in a timely manner. Report to the supervisor before leaving the work area. Assist in training new personnel regarding the facility, its policies and procedures, and to his/her job position and duties.Each shift will have specific job duties assigned in addition to this list of requirements. (Add from current job description.)OTHER DUTIES/RESPONSIBILITIESConsistently act as a role model for all individuals residing in this house.Knows all safety and emergency procedures and your role in assisting during these times -including responding to life threatening emergencies.Attends all required facility meetings and trainingADHERE TO STRICT DEPARTMENT AND FACILITY ATTENDANCE POLICIESEmployees are held accountable for all duties of your jobMust adhere to all the legal rights of the individuals in this houseMust fulfill duties as Mandated ReporterALL OTHER DUTIES AS ASSIGNED BY YOUR SUPERVISOR