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The Naperville Bridge High School, a partnership between Naperville Illinois School District 203 and Abraxas Youth and Family Services is currently seeking a Principal to be responsible for the instruction and supervision of a fifty student, innovative off-campus program for students with specials needs and alternative learning requirements.


This position is responsible for curriculum development, staff development and supervision, and client discipline to ensure a conducive educational environment. This position will provide the leadership and vision necessary to, implement evaluate and refine a comprehensive program of instructional and support services for high school students with special needs or with alternative learning requirements.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

+ Provides instructional leadership and supervision for student achievement.

+ Supervises and monitors the daily program activities within the school environment.

+ Defines and implements educational curriculum as well as appropriate education policies and procedures to ensure compliance with all company policy and procedure, educational regulations, and state and federal laws relevant to education and private school licensing requirements.

+ Supervises appropriate educational and administrative staff members including tracking teacher certifications, reviewing performance, coaching and identifying training to maintain compliance and certification.

+ Establishes and maintains public relations while cooperating with collaborative efforts between the school, State Department of Education, school districts, and other appropriate external educational and licensing agencies; coordinate and oversee continuity of educational planning with school district officials and internal staff.

+ Coordinates with appropriate administrative staff members to obtain, monitor, budget, and report school financials; establish and maintain efficient procedures and effective controls for all school funding expenditures in accordance with the approved budget.

+ Ensures the creation and maintenance of education files to ensure regulatory compliance; ensure completion of mandatory education reporting and documentation of services such as report cards, educational assessments, intake and discharge documents and testing.

+ Assists the administrative and clinical staff members to ensure the integration of clients individualized treatment plans and educational processes.

+ Utilizes current research, outside resources, performance data and feedback from students, teachers, parents and the community to make decisions related to improvement of instruction and student performance.

+ Provides leadership in the effective use of technology in the classroom.

+ Align school initiatives with District, State and School Goals.

+ Establishes and maintains Career and Technical Education programming.

+ Monitors the planning and preparation for all special school functions such as graduation.

+ Attends conferences and conventions as needed to keep updated with the latest educational trends.

+ Performs other duties as assigned

Minimum Requirements

+ Masters degree with Professional Educator License (PEL) with Administrative Endorsement, And

+ Five (5) Years teaching and Two (2) Years Administrative experience working with students with behavior disorders preferred.

Other Qualifications

+ At least 21 Years of age

+ Criminal clearances (State, Police, Local, FBI, DCFS, and National Sex Offender Registry clearances)

+ Non-Communicable disease physical exam /li>

+ Valid Drivers License

+ Successful Completion of Pre-Employment Drug Screen

+ Ability to work independently

+ Ability to read, comprehend, and interpret documents related to recreational activities/physical education, short correspondence, and memos

+ Ability to exercise discretion and use independent judgment in making decisions

+ Cultural awareness and sensitivity

+ Ability to promote positive behavior and manage resistant behavior

+ Effective written and verbal communication skills

+ Effective time management skills

+ Basic mathematical skills / comprehension of concepts such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

+ Physical ability to safely and effectively manage aggressive behavior

+ Ability to work with computers and the necessary software typically used by the department.

Equal Opportunity Employer

Compensation: Equal Opportunity Employer