Navy Exchange Visual Merchandiser in Great Lakes, Illinois

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Responsible for creating and constructing merchandise displays in Navy Exchange facilities at the Great Lakes Complex. May perform clerical functions and drive in performance of duties.


- Constructs, arranges and maintains effective and artistic visual merchandising presentation and displays in appropriate interior and exterior Exchange locations to include walls, showcases, windows, shelves, counter tops, etc. Decorates designated areas such as showcases, ledges, shelves and fixtures. Sets up focal display near entrances of Exchange to attract customer's attention. These displays may be designed to support a seasonal mood and/or a special merchandising event. As required, prepares appropriate signs, show cards, etc.

- Works with store management personnel in connection with decoration and display requirements, including the designing and assembling of key department displays to highlight and identify principal merchandising efforts and/or assembly of fixtures. As instructed sets up mannequins, center counter, column and shadow box displays depending upon the particular display involved.

- Enters information into a computer for sign making. Determines layout, color selection, color interpolation, type, i.e., pica, compensation, etc. Reviews and adjusts copy to ensure compatibility with formats, and that size and type of specifications are compatible. Plans, schedules and transmits completed formats as required disc.

- Utilizes a desk top publishing program. Prepares specifications for a variety of printed material and signs by item number, description, quantity, unit and estimated value. Reviews final product against specification to ensure accuracy and completeness of design specifications. Assists in determining the signing formats to meet particular needs.

- May receive requisitions from Exchange departments for specific sign printing projects. Uses sign machine and prints display signs; produces fliers for sales events, price cars, show cards, signs and related work involving the display of merchandise, using various types and sizes of type as well as a variety of color and poster boards. Delivers completed signs to requesting department and assists with their installation.

- Is responsible for the safekeeping of props, mannequins, tools fixtures in storage area; maintains areas in a clean and orderly manner.

- Maintains records, logs on duplicating and sign making services provided. Procures materials and supplies needed to fulfill sign making assignments.

- As required, takes publicity photographs and writes articles for placement in employees newsletter on sales and events.

- Performs other related duties as assigned.