Navy Exchange Photo Lab Technician in Great Lakes, Illinois

This job was posted by : For more information, please see: Serves as a technician in a photo lab with responsibility for editing and printing digital media while maintaining wet lab equipment.

Photo Lab Technician performs the following:

-Receives digital media for processing. Orders may vary by size, number of prints, etc.

-Process digital files and prints pictures using photo lab computers and wet printers. Is able to adjust to proper color saturation, levels and clarity as needed.

-Utilizes general understanding of retouching procedures in various software programs. Must be able to remove imperfections, balance lighting, clone, stamp, lasso etc. in Darkroom, Photoshop and other large retouching types of software.

-Creates digital graphics for various events and products.

-Maintains computers and wet printers on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. This includes but is not limited to changing chemical cartridges, identifying replacement of hoses or other hardware, running calibration, checking for print roll quality, manually loading and unloading of chemical cartridges or photo paper, and also printer cleanings every day.

-Helps all customers and employees of the Navy Exchange with print times, packages and any corrections made to photo orders.

-Reports to a designated supervisor.

-Works independently and makes sound judgement on retouching. Needs ability to identify areas of improvement on digital photos and to correct based on retouching guidelines.

-Stays on schedule for command and for NEX Photo Lab on a daily basis.

-Needs to work in low light environment daily.

-Sits and stands for long periods of time.

-Maintains work area in a neat and orderly manner.

-Assists in sales area with customers, product and sales as needed.

-Performs other duties as assigned.