WOLFRAM RESEARCH INC. Lead User Experience Designer in Champaign, Illinois

This job was posted by https://illinoisjoblink.illinois.gov : For more information, please see: https://illinoisjoblink.illinois.gov/ada/r/jobs/5095237 Oversee the user experience of our websites and products including company websites, Wolfram|Alpha, purchasing flow and blogs.Facilitate user experience design and provide solutions with good user experience for our products.Work with other junior user experience designers and visual designers. Bring forward-looking ideas anddesign innovative and elegant interactions for web and mobile experience across a variety of platforms (web, responsive website and mobile). Analyze trends and best practices for new and other websites (competitive analysis). Analyze current interface/products and provide continuous improvements and suggestions. Conduct user research and investigate new solutions to bring new ideas and perform heuristic analysis of existing interfaces.Translate customer and business requirements into defined specifications and create user scenarios, as well as site maps, flows, wireframes and interactive prototypes for website projects.Craft user stories, flow diagrams, clean and annotated wireframes, and interactive prototypes for web, desktop, and/or mobile interfaces that effectively communicate the design to executive stakeholders, graphic designers, and developers. Plan and conduct usability tests and apply them to design usability and user-centered design principles. Work with business analysts, product managers, visual designers and developers to ensure consistency among features and implementation of websites.Proactively consult the graphic design, business analysis, and the development teams for feedback and questions. Employer will accept Bachelor's degree (or foreign equivalent) in Human Computer Interactions, Human Factors, Information Architecture, Psychology or a related discipline. Completion of academic coursework or academic research must include the following: 1) designing user experiments based on research questions and goals; 2) conducting user research including survey, user interviews and experiments with different age groups including elders, adults and college students; 3) collecting interface interaction data using Morae and developing coding scheme using Excel, and running complicated statistical analysis on the data using SPSS and SAS; 4) based on the statistical results, identifying usability issues of the interface and improving the interface layout and interactions; 5) performing paper prototyping, interview, usability testing, heuristic evaluations and cognitive task analysis; 6) creating complicated users flow and flow diagrams and designing experience for multiple use cases; and 7) applying common design patterns for mobile, web, and desktop (both Mac and Windows) and modern design trends to websites.

Send resumes to: resumes@wolfram.com with PT-WR-47 in the subject heading. No calls.